What We Do

Football and fitness aspires to be an outstanding coaching organisation providing high-quality sporting and exercise opportunity in a safe, well organised coaching environment.

PPA Cover

PE is a specialist area to teach and is a very important part of a child's learning within the School environment. Children can learn new Sports and games, express their ideas through physical activity and provide support and encouragement within the class. This is why we feel teachers should be helped with the expertise of Sports Coaches who can deliver excellence and pass on their enthusiasm to the children.

Football & Fitness work alongside over 20 schools providing high quality and essential PE lessons as part of each child's curriculum. Each schools needs are different and that's why we can personalise sessions to suit your school all whilst meeting important objectives.

Within the sessions, our coaches provide valuable support and encouragement in order to achieve goals. Our coaches can also monitor and record levels in which children achieve within each area covered. We can deliver a variety of Sports and games each term such as: Gymnastics, Basketball/Netball, Invasion games, Striking & Fielding, Athletics/Summer games.

We offer competitive prices and can also give your School the opportunity to see us in action by arranging your FREE taster session. This gives us the chance to meet the staff and children and for your School to see how we can fit into providing a valuable and dedicated service.

Lunchtime clubs

These clubs are becoming more popular within schools and can help to increase the amount of physical activity children participate in throughout the School week. These clubs can be:

  • individual/ specific sports ie Football, Cricket, Basketball
  • School team training
  • Multi sports and games

From experience within Schools, tension on the playground can be reduced with the introduction of these structured sessions. Clubs can be paid for by parents or part funded/funded by the school.

Teacher Training

We can offer teacher training to schools in specific areas across the curriculum do develop PE alongside staff within the school, this can be as short as a 6 week block or across the whole term or school year.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Clubs we can offer: Football, Streetdance, Multisports, Gymnastics, Dodgeball, Basketball, Cricket, we can accommodate the needs of the school. In addition to this we can provide clubs on a sign up basis where children pay for clubs or school can fund the club with children contributing towards the cost. We can take care of administration which includes, assembly, sending letters out, organising registers etc to relieve the office of any hassles.

School Tournaments

Combining schools in the community is vital to form new relationships and develop respect and confidence in children. We can visit schools for a shorter period of time to develop skills, teamwork, increase confidence and familiarisation. Following this we then combine 2/3 local school together and play in a mini festival whereby schools play various other teams. This is sectioned into ability groups so children get maximum enjoyment within an environment they feel comfortable which is essential for development.

Football Development Plan

We currently provide Curriculum support for girls Football at Brockington College whereby lessons are delivered to children from Years 7-9 , this has seen an improvement in technical ability and game awareness which has lead to increased numbers participating in the clubs afterschool each week. Staff have been able to utilise the expertise of coaches to strengthen delivery from these sessions.

Futures in Sport

We are now providing Sports education for 16-18yrs old which combines practical learning alongside level 2 and 3 Btec qualifications at Brockington College Enderby. Courses are 2/3 years and offer an excellent opportunity to learn all about the aspects of teaching. Please see get into coaching section for flyer information.